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Under Blackfriars bridge

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This miserable looking chap is part of the decoration on the path below Blackfriars Bridge, now station (tomorrow the world). The tiles portray cosy scenes of London Past in the way regeneration tends to. Sample quaint images, sell them back … Continue reading


© 2014 Jonathan Swain. All rights reserved.

Painted wooden model of servants at work, retrieved from the tomb of Sebekhetepi at Ben Hasan. The 11th Dynasty, around 2000BC.

“What happened?” Oona addressed this as a kind of local petition to the five or six aggrieved passengers milling nearest. As in a street incident involving wreckage or fire trucks a volunteer explainer emerged, a middle aged Hasid with curved shoulders draped in a long, soiled scarf, and bearing twin shopping bags like a milkmaid’s yoke. He seemed drawn to Oona as another dressed in black.

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Chronic City. Jonathan Lethem. Faber Faber 2010